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I need help with managing my business debt

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    Do you need help with (Pick more if they are applicable):

    Do you have overdue invoices but struggling to raise the cash to make payment? These could include invoices from utilities providers, suppliers, service providers, credit cards etc

    Are you struggling to purchase new stock to keep the business going? Perhaps you have reached your credit limit, or are now being asked to make payment in cash upfront?

    CBILS and BBLS were a lifeline for many company owners, but many now face the frustration at having to start making repayments against a backdrop of already stretched cash flows

    Do you have business loans from a bank or alternative lending provider or maybe you have an overdraft facility that you are struggling to make payments against?

    Many business owners feel the business is trading well and has a bright future, but can be hampered by historic debts and short term liabilities

    Are you worried about being personally liable for the company's debts if you continue trading?

    Employees are often the lifeblood of any business. Due to cash flow issues, are you worried about paying your employees salaries?

    Rent arrears and problems with landlords is a common problem for business owners. Are you struggling to meet ongoing lease agreements?

    Are you struggling to make tax payments to HMRC? Do you need to discuss and agree a payment plan to ensure the business can keep trading?

    Has your bank or loan provider said they want to talk to you about your current financial position. Help and advice is available


    What is your company's annual turnover?


    On average how much stock per month do you purchase?

    How much stock do you want to purchase this month?

    How much money do you owe to your creditors including loans?

    How much debt do you owe to banks including CBILs and BBLs?

    Personal liability

    How much money do you think your business is losing per month?


    How much is your rent bill every three months?


    Have you provided any personal guarantees on your debts?


    Have you provided any personal guarantees on your debts?


    How much is your gross salary bill per month?


    How much tax do you currently owe to HMRC?

    How overdue is your oldest tax?

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