I have a business dispute

Our experts regularly work with clients’ legal teams to act as adviser or expert witness in breach of contract claims, shareholder and partnership disputes, M&A disputes, claims against Government organisations, loss of commercial agency claims, professional negligence claims and insurance claims.

Much of the work our forensic accounting team undertakes is to quantify losses in disputes – either loss of profits or valuation. As expert witnesses we act for claimants or petitioners and defendants or respondents.

Our team acts for a wide range of businesses, from small to medium sized enterprises to large and listed companies. The amounts at stake in our cases can be in the low hundreds of thousands of pounds but can just as easily be many hundreds of millions of pounds. Our team acts on business disputes all over the UK, in international disputes and in disputes in other countries.

Many of the disputes in which we are instructed make use of our senior team members’ years of experience as experts in share and business valuation.

Our senior team members have acted as expert witnesses in hundreds of UK and international disputes and are highly experienced in giving evidence under cross-examination in court and in international arbitration. We know that many disputes can be settled out of court, and good early advice helps achieve that. We always approach the quantification of losses in a commercial but robust manner to provide credible evidence that should assist the parties in reaching a settlement.

If you are a claimant/petitioner or a defendant/respondent in any business-related dispute, please get in touch with our team of experts who are able to act quickly to assist you to help achieve resolution.

    Free confidential business dispute advice

    What could cause a business dispute?

    • Breach of contract with a customer or supplier
    • Exiting of or as a shareholder on disputed grounds (s994)
    • Earn-out or completion accounts not agreed after company sale or purchase
    • Professional negligence by accountants, solicitors, surveyors etc
    • Compulsory purchase under statutory powers
    • Insurance claims not being agreed
    • Labour/employment issues

    How do you solve a business dispute?

    It is entirely possible to resolve dispute problems by taking early and robust action such as:

    Our Disputes, Investigations and Valuations team provide expert advice or opinion to quantify losses and/or provide valuations.

    Where appropriate and required by our clients, we give our expert input on accountants’ liability issues.

    Investigate alleged wrongdoing, using specialist investigation services and forensic technology.

    No matter what type of business you operate, having a strong business adviser to support and guide you through the process is extremely beneficial for a positive outcome. Our team at Quantuma-Direct care about our clients and have the experience and skills to formulate business strategies that drive success.

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