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Trade credit ratings are a key indicator of business financial health, but without proactive management, they can cause financial problems.

We have created a partnership with Lightbulb Credit to create our Business Credit Rating Advisory service to help businesses improve their credit scores, overcoming a range of problems as well as unlocking opportunities to support growth.




  • Business wanted to obtain best valuation ahead of a sale
  • They also wanted to improve their cash position through improved payment terms
  • Their existing credit ratings and limits were variable across all the agencies

The situation

The management team of this manufacturing business with a £13m t/o wanted to improve their trade credit ratings ahead of a prospective sale. Their existing ratings and recommended credit limits were mixed and the search volumes checking their creditworthiness were also high, impacting on their overall scores. They wanted to improve their cash position by increasing payment terms, and also the outward facing optics of the company to prospective buyers during what was a potential multi-purchaser transaction.

What we did

Lightbulb Credit shared YTD Management Information with several of the key agencies and explained the restructuring that had taken place since their last accounts had been filed. This combined information provided a more up-to-date view of the business structure and performance for the agencies and facilitated a full re-evaluation of their scores.

The outcome

Over the course of several days their scores and limits were improved with two of the agencies and their working capital by c£500k, their risk banding with a 3rd agency was also improved from “moderate-high” to “low-moderate”. All of which in turn improved the optics for the sales process and ultimately the final price achieved in the sale of the business.

Our services

Our advice has a commercial, realistic, and real-world focus, providing value to all stakeholders.

“Having worked with Lightbulb Credit before, we asked them to help us with a specific activity that would support our future growth potential. As before, they delivered exactly what we needed quickly and efficiently, once again creating a positive outcome for our business.”

- Managing Director

Corporate credit improvement service

Our credit improvement service provides businesses with a solution to improving their trade credit rating. The process is simple and fast, with improvements regularly achieved in a matter of days. The service is also completely risk-free as the business only pays on agreed results and clients have the reassurance that all cases are handled with complete confidentiality.

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